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Image of Za'Grubs

Is your pizza hard to see? I mean really SEE? Is your pepperoni blurry? Does your hand sometimes simply pass through the crust when you try to pick up a slice? Do you have nosebleeds when you taste the sauce? Do your teeth sometimes stretch instead of the cheese?

If you answered yes to any of these questions - you may have a Za'Grub infestation.

Za'Grubs are interdimensional pie corruptors - they consume the reality of pizza - making your pizza less-than-real, which causes the above side effects.

Please note if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms in your pizza life, stop consuming the affected pizza immediately. Digesting it is extremely risky and may lead to the consumer exploding into a wet pile of gore and baby Za'Grubs.

Comes with stickers
Polyurethane resin
Collectible item - not for children